Whether Come By Epiplectic Bicycle with broken spoke or by willowdale handcar, Enter all Doubtful Guests, Hapless Children, Beastly Babies, Wuggly Umps, Gilded Bats, Osbick Birds, Deranged Cousins, Abandoned Socks, Lost Lions, Dancing Cats, Neglected Murderesses, Loathsome Couples, Prune People, Unknown Vegetables, Headless Busts, Welcome to This Deadly edward Blotter where this gorey party never dwindles.
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In 1988, The Metropolitan Opera created and sold a set of four glasses showing classic opera scenes drawn by Edward Gorey. These generously sized “Double Old Fashion” glasses are frosted and have a nice heft to them. The images are quite wonderful and are full of fantastic details. It is a pity that Mr. Gorey never designed costumes for the Met. The glasses were sold as a set and include The Drinking Song, The Vengeance Aria, The Recognition Scene, and The Mad Scene.

Source : goreyana.blogspot.com